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Bronze Medallion / Bronze Cross Combination (Age 13 – Grade 11)

Camp Artaban is the perfect place to get away and enjoy a week of summer camping. As an added bonus, you can get your Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Certificates at the same time.  Qualified instructors will make your training fun and engaging and you will still have lots of time to enjoy all the other activities camp has to offer. This camp is for those with strong a swimming ability and competency in deep water. It is recommended that participants can swim at a Red Cross Swim Kids 10 level or equivalent. Bring a friend and have your best week of the summer!

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2017 Camping Schedule

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For a description of each camp, please visit 2017 Camp Descriptions

Junior Coed – July 3–9
Grades* 6-8

Fine Arts – July 9-16
Grades* 8-11

Outtripping – July 9-16
Grades* 9-11

Bronze Medallion / Bronze Cross Combination – July 9-16
Age 13 – Grade* 11

Leader in Training – July 15-24
Grade* 12 – Age 20

Family Camp – July 16-22
All Ages
Up to $396**

Junior Junior Coed – July 22-24
Grades* 3-5

Senior Coed – July 24-31
Grades* 9-11

*Children must be in this grade by September 2017.

**Family Camp Fees:

  • Full Fee:
    • Adults (ages 13+) $396,
    • 1st child (ages 2-12) $282,
    • Subsequent children (ages 2-12) $222.
    • Under 2 free

If you have any questions, please contact the office on 604-980-0391/604-379-9074 or email




Camp is open for rentals! If you or anyone you know is looking for a venue for anything from a weekend retreat to a full blown outdoor education experience, recommend Camp. For all the rental details visit the Rentals pages or email the rental coordinator on

Somerville Porch

Somerville Kitchen

Wilma Mitchell Building

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Camp Artaban’s Mission:
Camp Artaban’s purpose is to challenge children, youth, and adults,
spiritually, mentally and physically in a camping context;
so that they may be brought into a closer relationship with God
and each other in a loving community.

Camp Artaban Society
1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7R 1H8
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