Missing camp? you can still be involved!

Camp Artaban was back up and running this summer, but there is much to do to keep moving forward with the mission.  Our latest News In Brief has just gone out, you can see a copy here.


Committees will be starting again this fall and they are a great way to ‘do camp’ when you can’t get up on site. The following committees are available:

  • Marketing and PR
  • Health and Safety
  • Programme
  • Human Resources/Volunteer Management
  • Rentals
  • Property
  • Work Party

Please email admin@campartaban.com to let us know which committee is perfect for you!



Camp is open for rentals! If you or anyone you know is looking for a venue for anything from a weekend retreat to a full blown outdoor education experience, recommend Camp. For all the rental details visit the Rentals pages.

Keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for more information. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send your details to office@campartaban.com.

Camp Artaban’s Mission:
Camp Artaban’s purpose is to challenge children, youth, and adults,
spiritually, mentally and physically in a camping context;
so that they may be brought into a closer relationship with God
and each other in a loving community.

Camp Artaban Society
1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7R 1H8
604 980 0391 / 604 379 9074