Work Parties

2020 Spring Work Party Schedule

Spring Work Party Dates:
Due to the spread of Covid-19 we have temporarily put our work parties on hold. As we get more information and the curve flattens we will have everything back up and running, however we currently do not know exactly when that will be. If you would like to be put on our contact list, please email us  Work Party as our coordinator is only checking their email at this time. We hope to be back onsite soon but until then, stay safe and wash your hands!

See below for a previous project we’ve worked on!

Before you come, you will need to complete the Work Party Registration and Health Form. You can complete it online below or download it and send your completed copy into the Camp Artaban office or by email to the Work Party Co-ordinator:  Work Party

Complete Online
Download Form Here

Volunteers will be notified of boat times once they have registered and signed the Work Party Agreement, usually 2 days before the weekend once final numbers have been confirmed

For more information please call the office at 604-980-0391 or email   Work Party . Like us on Facebook to get all the information on upcoming work parties.

Our Last Project: Take down the retaining wall that was falling apart at                                                chapel and build a new one!