Campership Interviewers

Thank you for participating in the Camp Artaban Campership Program. The aim of this program is to help families across the lower mainland with limited means attend camp. In addition, we hope to better link Camp Artaban’s ministries with the ministries of diocesan parishes and to find better ways to meet not only individual camper needs but also family needs. We hope that the program will provide families in need with the opportunity to become involved with Camp Artaban and a Parish where they may come into a relationship with God.

As your interviews will provide new contacts and the opportunity to inform applicants of additional services your church has available, we would encourage you to assist the family in whichever way or to lend a helping hand should you recognize other needs. We have been seeking ways to better serve the Anglican community and would like to introduce our campers to our churches.  

Below you will find PDFs of all the forms you will need to complete the in-person interview process:

Step by Step Instructions – 18
Guide for Financial Aid Rep – 18
Campership Evaluation Report – 18

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office: