We are excited to announce the RAISE THE ROOF fundraising campaign.

Photo by Alys Shantz

You may know that the dear old dining hall has half a new roof, but due to illness the roofer was unable to finish.  This has become the number one priority.  Secondly, one of Artaban’s toilet facilities, affectionately known as Port, needs a new roof, as a fallen tree has put a large hole in it! In July staff and volunteers painted the half of Port that can still be used, but it still needs some love and care.

The initial goal is to raise $50,000 in order to complete the dining hall roof and re-roof Port. The secondary, long-term goal is to build an ongoing fund enabling roofs around camp to be repaired on a rotating basis.

We are now accepting monetary donations which are earmarked for the Raise the Roof fund.  We are hoping to finish both the dining hall and Port roofs before the start of Vancouver’s rainy season.

Donate online here