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July 8 – 15: Advanced Outtripping (Grades 9-11)
Designed for experienced hikers and backpackers, Camp Artaban’s Advanced Outtripping camp will explore the beauties of Gambier Island through various day hikes and multi-day trips over a 7-day period. Campers will be required to have the basic skills necessary for hiking and backpacking prior to attending the camp in order that maximum time can be spent on the trail.  Additionally, campers will participate in regular on-site sessions such as Waterfront, Theme, Climbing, and more as time permits.

Tentative Dates July 8 – 15: Sailing (Grades to be determined)
Camp Artaban is pleased to offer this great week of excitement on the water with MOSS (Mobile Optimist Sailing School). Campers will learn the basics of sailing in a unique environment focusing on fun and boating safety. Launching, docking, steering, balancing, and propulsion are just some of the activities covered both on and off the water. Seven-foot Optimist sailboats will be used in the program. By the end of the course, students will be able to safely sail on their own! In addition to these skills, the program develops confidence and leadership in its participants. Once sailing instruction is finished each day, there will be time for all of the other camp areas including the climbing walls, crafts and campfire.

July 8 – 17: Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Swim Camp (Grades 9-11)
Camp Artaban is the perfect place to get away and enjoy ten days of summer camping. As an added bonus, you can get your Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross Certificates at the same time. A qualified instructor will make your training fun and engaging and you will still have time to enjoy all the other activities camp has to offer. This camp is for those with strong a swimming ability and competency in deep water. Participants must be 13 by July 8, 2018 and it is recommended that they can swim at a Red Cross Swim Kids 10 level or equivalent. Bring a friend and have your best week of the summer!

July 13 – 22 : Leaders in Training (Grade 12)
Providing an opportunity for our senior campers who want to combine the fun of camp with development of leadership skills, this week’s specialized program will include challenge course work, out-tripping, initiative workshops and team building sessions.  It will introduce participants to some of the “behind the scenes” work of Camp Artaban.

July 15 – 22: Junior Coed (Grades 6-8)
Junior Coed challenges this high energy, ready for adventure age group with new games and activities, and helps them discover and develop their unique gifts. We role-model love and respect for others and campers are encouraged to expand their limits and to develop new friendships.

July 22 – 27: Family Camp (All Ages)
Blended, newly-wed, empty nest, couples with no children or traditional — all families are invited to socialize, de-stress and revitalize at camp. There are games, crafts and sports programs for all ages, time for discussions on faith and other topics of interest, evening campfires, and lots of quality time to enjoy being a family.

July 27 – August 2: Girls Camp (Grades 4 – 11)
If you like to hang out in the spa and have slumber parties — we’ve got it. If you would rather play sports, hike, climb and swim, we’ve got that too. Most girls like a combination of both — so you can do it all! Campers come away with a renewed respect for themselves and their friends and ideas and inspiration for pursuing any dream they can think of. This is an amazing week!

August 2 – 5: Family Weekend (All Ages)
Get away from the daily grind with a long weekend at Camp Artaban. Take in the beauty and serenity of the island with your family and friends. Grandparents, leave your kids behind and take the grandchildren for some quality time where we take care of the cooking and the cleaning. There are games, crafts and sports programs for all ages, time for discussions on faith and other topics of interest, evening campfires, and lots of quality time to enjoy being a family.

August 4 – 8: Beginners Outtripping (Grades 9-11)
Camp Artaban’s Beginner Outtripping camp is a 5-day introductory camp for children interested in hiking and backpacking. Campers will spend time each day learning the skills needed to hike and backpack, and then will apply those newly acquired skills in activities such as day hikes, and practice-run overnight trips. The culminating event of Beginners Outtripping is an off-site overnight hike where campers have the opportunity to put their new skills to the test in the beautiful wilderness of Gambier Island. Campers will also spend time participating in regular camping sessions such as Waterfront, Theme, Climbing, and more as time permits.

August 5 – 8: Junior Junior Coed (Grades 3-5)
Our three-night camp is structured, lively and nurturing and designed to support children in their first experiences away from home. There is fun, excitement and a great sense of accomplishment as children learn new skills and meet surprising challenges.

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